Two Birds

Two Birds
Directed by Francesco Saviano
Narrative, 14 min, 2010

Two friends venture across the Gowanus Canal to retrieve a broken down car. An unexpected stop on the Red Hook waterfront leads to a complicated criminal entanglement. Great local filmmaking.



The Hole

The Hole
Directed by Courtney Sell & Billy Feldman
Documentary, 9 min, 2010

The Hole is a unique neighborhood on the Brooklyn/Queens borderline with a strange history as both a mob dumping ground and a home to the Federation of Black Cowboys. In many ways, it is New York City's version of The Wild West.


Micheal Buscemi - Actor and filmmaker
"Dos C" and "Two Birds"

Matthew Silver - Actor and filmmaker
"The Shadow Monster"

Dos C
Directed by Jackie Hamilton
Narrative, 14 minutes, /2009

Michael, a down and out New Yorker, wakes from a troubled sleep to find a stranger in his apartment. They do not speak the same language.

The Shadow Monster
Directed by Matthew Silver and Trey Kirchoff
Experimental, 3 min,2010

A story of cell phones, heartbreak, self loathing, and a half naked man wandering the streets of Bushwick, Brooklyn while strapped into a bamboo cage. Pure cinema, crazy fun.


"Famous 4A" - Directed by Mike Attie


"Famous 4A"
Directed by Mike Attie
Documentary, 19 min, 2009

How do you live when you know you have less than six months left? For people living in Famous 4A - the hospice unit in a Veteran's Administration hospital - life goes on and even progresses. Directed by Festival Alumni Mike Attie
(Hooked - RHFF 2008) .






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