The 2012, Red Hook International Film And Video Festival screenings
will take place on October 13th & 14th
at The Brooklyn Waterfront Artist's Coalition's Screening Room,
499 Van Brunt Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York

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Films 2012 Screening
Saturday October 13th:
At 1:00 p.m.



The Sex Life Of Robots
Directed by Michael Sullivan and produced by Richard Skidmore
Animation Short, color, 2011, 3 minutes

The film shows imaginary sexual activities among robots
*Please note scenes of sexual intercourse by animated robots is shown on their computer screen.


The Selected Shorts of Donald O'Finn
Directed by Donald O'Finn
Repurposed Video, color, 1980, 5 minutes

Since 1980 I have re-purposed, re-contextualized, effected, and weaved appropriated media samples into the dreams a television Might have been. The work represents television both as a medium, message, and as a device of conscious and subconscious cultural significance.

Directed by Amos Poe
Documentary, B&W, 1976, 60 minutes

is a 1976 compilation on punk’s birth in New York. Shot by insider Ivan Kral (ex-guitar Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Blondie) and edited with underground filmmaker Amos Poe, this rare gem is packed with legendary rebels in their humble beginnings.
At 2:30 p.m.

Brooklyn Stories


Up on the Farm
Directed by Diane Nerwen
Documentary, 2011, color, 16 minute

A meditation on urban green spaces and the post-industrial cityscape, Up On The Farm explores a one-acre rooftop organic farm in New York City. Connecting the built and natural environments, this video documents an imaginative experiment in green urban redevelopment, and takes a look at an attempt to transform the roof of a century-old former factory into a sustainable, pastoral haven.

yfilm7 The Dentist
Directed by Alexander Mallis
Documentary, 2011, color, 7 minutes

The Dentist takes us beneath the sterile waiting room and nervous patrons, below Novocain and root canals, hidden from reclining chairs and squirming patients, to a decades-old secret underworld graced by adventurers from across the globe. The gatekeeper, an eccentric dentist, recounts the history of his practice above and passion below the floorboards.

Raising FilmWax
Directed by Heather Freudenthal
Documentary, 2012, color, 18 minutes

A look inside the world of Adam Schartoff- the man responsible for Filmwax- an intimate film series, which showcases mostly local NYC, independent filmmakers. This is a profile, a human portrait, of someone who knows the true meaning of pursuing a passion that it is never too late to go for something you want.

At 3:30 p.m. More Brooklyn Stories
yfilm7 My Brooklyn
by Kelly Anderson and Allison Lirish Dean
Documentary, 2012, 75 minutes

Chronicles the reshaping of Brooklyn neighborhoods over the last 10 years, exploring the impacts and motivations of the changes. The film, which includes a look at the Fulton Mall, aims to unravel some of the processes behind the city’s ongoing evolution. The film is also intended to educate people on the cultural losses suffered as change happens.

Family Occupies Foreclosed Home
Directed by Yes Lab Media
Documentary, 5 minutes

Homeless Activism in Brooklyn. A band of Occupy Wall Street protesters have taken over a foreclosed two-story home in East New York, made almost $10,000 in renovations, and have very publicly moved in a homeless family.

yfilm7 Newtown
Directed by Sarah Choi
Documentary, 2012, color, 8 minutes

A beautiful film exploring the Newtown Creek and how it effects a family's life.
Sunday October 14th:
At 1:00 p.m. Red Hook Romance
yfilm7 The Last Colorful Note
Directed by Alex Mallis
Fiction, 2012, color, 6 minutes

A series of cheerful notes from middle school quickly turn sour.
yfilm7 Possum
Directed by Dan Perry
Fiction, 2012, color, 13 minutes

Possum is a short film project about a day in the life of a crooked car dealer who's broken a few too many laws of the land.
yfilm7 The Mirror
Directed by Marcus Henderson
Fiction, 2012, color, 6 minutes

Sometimes the Mirror reflects only what you want to see when reality is too hard to see.
yfilm7 Robbies Girl
Directed by Aaron Lenza
Experimental Fiction, 2012, color, 3 minutes

Love and Longing set to existential poetry scored with a beat heard under the highway ! ?
yfilm7 Mulatto Saga
Juliette Fairley's Mulatto's Dilemma (sequel)
Directed by Juliette Fairley
Romance and Identity, 2012, color, 12 minutes

The topic of being bi-racial and being a couple in an interracial relationship is about the struggles of a woman born of a black father and a white mother. Throughout the film we see what life has in store for someone of a bi-racial decent.
yfilm7 I Like Crazy
Directed by Francesco Saviano
Fiction, 2012, color, 15 minutes

Love in Red Hook. Looking for love in all the wrong places, Ross finds himself in a bar with a pill popping lunatic named Gillian. Although they seem to have nothing in common, after a few drinks and minor confessions, Ross realizes how much he likes crazy.
yfilm7 Angelfish
Directed by Michael Tyburski
Fiction, 2012, color, 10 minutes

Brooklyn filmmaker poetic short film about love, sailing and the discovery of the sanctuary of the open sea.
yfilm7 B 61
Directed by Michael Buscemi
Fiction, 2012, color, 15 minutes

Through the Heart of Red Hook. Each morning Vincent, a down-on-his-luck New Yorker, waits at the B61 bus stop, but when mysterious Sal joins him, an unlikely friendship develops.
At 3:30 p.m. Brooklyn Beat
yfilm7 Guitar Heroines
Directed by Kerry Shore
Documentary, 2011, color, 30 minutes

Where are woman who play guitar? This film covers the the pioneers, the present, and the future, of the woman who possess the passion for the guitar.
yfilm7 Bang The Party
Directed by Stephen Booth and Eric Clark
Documentary, 2011, color, 93 minutes

Bang the Party the movie takes a look at the six years that bang the Party was around and the many different venues that it occupied and well as the many people that attended Bang the Party over the years. With interviews by DJ's and dancers alike Bang the Party takes you into the world of House Music.
After the screening...

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